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Small Dog Studio is a full featured studio that can help you in a variety of audio recording and music composition services. Expertise and experience is a key factor as to why we can offer a high quality product. Small Dog Studio's owner and engineer, Ian Graham, is a well educated musician and audio engineer holding a BA in Music Composition and has over 30 years in performance/engineering in a very wide variety of muscial styles from classical, rock, jazz, theater, church and country. Ian is an Apple certified Logic Pro X trainer and also teaches audio production at Conestoga and Niagara college as well as Wilfrid Laurier University. He holds a Grade 10 conservatory degree in pipe organ, Grade 9 conservatory degree in piano, and Grade 3 Conservatory degree in Theory/Harmony/History. Ian is also quite fluent on electric bass with a good understanding of other instruments such as guitar and drums. As an engineer, he has produced and recorded numerous bands, soloists, corporate and theater clients. While many studio's have engineers who understand the "practical" way of using audio gear, Ian can also provide the musical creative to get your project off the ground.





"Drop The Puck!" song is out
 with profits going to

The Heart And Stroke Foundation

Buy the song on iTunes! 






The vintage rack is getting filled! Small Dog Studio now has 3 Wunderaudio PEQ-2's. Based on a custom mixing board built for Zepplin called the Allotrope, this pres are punchy and tight! Two channels of Wunder Audio PEQ-1's also are part of the rack.


Speaking of Mics and Pres... just picked up the Radial Gold Digger which allows you to try different mics with a simple switch and Cherry Picker which allow you switch between 4 different pres. This is gonna be great for finding that perfect tone for vocalists!


Neve 1084 (BAE) channel added with 8 channel rack. Classic British Sound! Thanks to James Rowell of SSE for the awesome service.